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AV/Card Reader/Charge/PC Sync Combo Kit for iPad/iPhone/iPod(SIlver)

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Use USB accessories can directly digital camera pictures of import, very convenient and quick. It is both convenient for users that have various memory cards used in digital cameras. Please check have any photos in the memory card, make sure the photos in the DCIM files folder, iPad only read the photos what below the DCIM file folder. This COMBO support multiple memory card, but not support upload at the same time.

Basic Specification

Product Name

Car MP3 FM Modulator

Reading Card Function Support

iPad 1/2

Video Output Function Support

iPad1/iPad2/iPhone/iPhone3G(S)/iPhone4/iPod/iPod Touch

Charge Function Support

iPad series/iPhone series/iPod series


- USB 2.0 high speed interface can rapid read the photo within the digital camera or memory card

- Support within the memory card photos(SD/MS/M2/TF)upload to iPad

- USB ports support camera/the keyboard/the iPhone/iPod photos upload to iPad

- Support(iPad/iPhone/iPod)online video output and photo phantom high-definition playback

- Support PC sync

- Compliant to the latest high speed memory cards, speeding up the reading rate

- Two high-speed ports of USB hub for all USB device connecting to iPad

- Can connect any large current USB devices,s uch as camera, keyboard,mobile hard disk etc.

- USB ports supports hot-swapping plug-and play function

- Can also all USB device connected in iPad working at the same time

- Note: We'll ship the color by random!

Package Included

1 x Combo Kit

1 x AV Cable

1 x USB Cable



Dimensions: 2.7*1.9*0.6inch
Shipping Weight: 166 g
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