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New Makey Makey Touch key USB SHIELD analog touch keyboard FOR ARDUINO

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I believe many people have seen a recent Makey makey analog touch keyboard video, the video board can be connected to any conductive body by touching a conductive body to go to the computer keyboard events. Play a variety of games or effects.
The principle of which is through a single-chip analog keyboard, leads to a few keys, and form instead of using the touch switches. Now we use an arduino plus Touch key USB Shield, also able to achieve this effect out.
Touch key USB Shield to use the touch as the input method, touch switch with dual contacts will touch terminal and the ground terminal leads connected to two electrodes touch, human touch two poles, because of the relationship between body resistance, two touch a constant current flows between the electrodes through, by detecting the size of this current can be detected touch event. Makey virtual keyboard is also used in this method.


Dimensions: 3.2*2*0.8inch
Shipping Weight: 233 g
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