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USB Powered VGA to Composite + S-Video Converter Box (1280*1024px Max)

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PriceAngels.com is professional supply cheap USB Powered VGA to Composite + S-Video Converter Box (1280*1024px Max) for sale - Online website for high quality and great prices, and buy our high quality product, enjoy best wholesale price!

- Converts VGA signals to S-Video and Composite for TV output
- Powered by USB port, no bulky AC adapter to carry around
- Perfect for presentations and home entertainment (watch movies on TV!)
- Supports NTSC, PAL TV modes
- Maximum 24-bit true color 1280*1024px resolution
- Resolution of VGA signals: 640x480 (up to 85Hz), 800x600 (up to 85Hz), 1024x768 (up to 85Hz), 1280x1024 (up to 60Hz)
- Output VGA / Video / S-Video at the same time
- USB power cable, VGA connection cable, composite TV cable and S-Video cable included
- Color: silver


Dimensions: 8.87 in x 4.78 in x 1.75 in
Shipping Weight: 393 g
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