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About PriceAngels.com

Priceangels.com is one of China's leading B2C e-Commerce export sites, with over 40,000 items across almost 100 categories. Buy from Priceangels.com, you pay 10-70% less than the price on other sites and the orders will be shipped to your door for free. And if you have any question we promise we will give you answer within 1 business days.

Cooperate with SAFI Service LLC, U.S.A.

Best Price

Shop with us and expect to pay 10-70% less than any other site (including eBay). If you do find a product for less on a competing website then tell us in the Priceangels.com forum and we will resolve to match it.

Wide Product Range

Priceangels.com has more than 40,000 products across almost 100 categories from cell phones and watches to sun glasses and plus toys. Priceangels.com is always developing and adding products to its site to meet your demands.

Free Shipping

All orders at Priceangels.com will be shipped by airmail for free. Priceangels.com is always optimizing the shipping process to decrease the time needed for customers to receive their orders.

Assured Quality

Priceangels.com is dedicated to provide quality products to customers. The products must go through three standard quality control processes at our warehouse before they were shipped. There is also a three month guarantee on most of the items on Priceangels.com.

World-Class Customer Service

At Priceangels.com there is a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. They can be reached through message/RMA, email, live chat, the official Priceangels.com forum and blog or on Priceangels.com official FaceBook page or Twitter account. It doesn't matter which way you get in contact with Priceangels.com, you will get a response within 1 business day.

Business Expansion Services

Selling products on eBay or Amazon and don't have the space for stock? Priceangels.com can be your trusted product sourcing and drop-shipping service provider. Sign up for Priceangels.com dropshipping service for free and all the orders will be shipped directly to your customers for you without Priceangels.com logo or price information included. You will get more discounts if the more Priceangels.com products you sell over time. Click here for more details.

Sign up, make an order and discover why Priceangels.com is the China export site of choice by more than 500,000 customers across 200 countries.

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