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What is Join & Win Plan?

Join & Win is a win-win way to help you know more about PriceAngels and get more benefit from our product and service by joining in the programs of the Join & Win Plan.

Currently PA has launched 4 programs to create the win-win programs with you of all size.

It is a program hold on PriceAngels’ FaceBook Account weekly and monthly. Generally you only should LIKE,SHARE or leave comment on our account. All participants have chance to win gifts. It is a program that you add our URL in your blog or post our coupon or deal info in famous forums. IIt is a program that you upload video to YouTube and share it at PriceAngels, after your post approved, you should get all or certain percent of money back. Referral Affiliate Program

More programs will be launched in return for your long-term support and trust in the near future...If you are looking for a way to make the most use of your social network relationships to bring profit, and interested in the latest electronic products and awesome gadgets, then Join Us, Come On!

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